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Musa Okwonga

Musa Owonga
Musa Okwonga is a poet, journalist and musician based in Berlin. The son of refugees from Idi Amin’s Uganda, he studied law at Oxford University before leaving a career as a City-trained solicitor to become a poet. The winner of the 1996 WHSmith Young Writers Competition, he is the author of two books about football, A Cultured Left Foot (Duckworths) and Will You Manage? (Serpent’s Tail): the first of which was nominated for the 2008 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award.
A journalist and commentator on various issues, he has written opinion pieces and features for several outlets, including The New Statesman, Al-Jazeera, Foreign Policy, The Guardian and MONOCLE. In 2014 he co-wrote and presented “The Burden of Beauty”, the BBC World Service’s flagship documentary for its World Cup coverage. A vocalist who has been described by Q Magazine as „a globe-trotting Mike Skinner“, Musa ’s music has been played by BBC Radio One, BBC6 Music and Xfm. His debut release – „The Nomadic“, a four-track electronic EP on the theme of migration – was praised by leading websites Okayafrica, Complex UK and The 405, from whom it received a rating of 8/10. He has just published “Eating Roses for Dinner”, a collection to mark his first ten years as a poet.




“Kelele”, die elfköpfige Band um den Frontmann Abass Ndiaye, hat sich im Frühjahr 2013 zusammengefunden. Die Berliner Musiker, schon bekannt von den “Dub Engineers” oder “Wood In di Fire”, verweben Funk, Reggae und traditionelle afrikanische Rhythmen zu ihrem eigenen unverkennbaren Sound.
Der Sänger Abass schreibt seine Texte auf Wolof, seiner senegalesischen Muttersprache, um seine Anschauungen und Emotionen so authentisch und klischeefrei wie möglich auszudrücken. Seine Texte handeln von individuellen Lebenserfahrungen, politischen Missständen und Geschichten von Liebe und Spiritualität.
In Keleles Musik treffen Gesangslinien, die gleichermaßen an traditionellen Griot-Gesang wie an Reggae- und Raggastyle erinnern, auf soulige Linien des strahlenden Bläsersatzes; zusammen mit Hip Hop- oder ska-Elementen wird etwas ganz eigenes erschaffen.


Vido Jelashe

Vido Jelashe_Foto

Vido Jelashe is a Reggae artist who was born and raised in the township Guguletu in Capetown, South Africa. Early in his life, his grandmother inspired his love for music. Later he studied Jazz in Capetown. Next to his solo career, he has played in various like Heavy Fanatics (in South Africa) and Tiger Hifi (Germany).

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