University of Potsdam



On the Potsdam side, the Carnival of Literatures is being organized by Lars Eckstein, Lina Fricke, Farai von Pentz, Anna von Rath and Florian Schybilski.

In their scholarly work concerning Anglophone literatures as well as linguistic and cultural spaces, the staff at the University of Potsdam’s Department of English and American Studies are actively working to expand the established field of view. With the Chair of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures outside of Great Britain and the United States expressly dedicated to this purpose, post- and decolonial issues play a central role. Apart from research and teaching being actively geared toward such topics, the department in the past has called attention to its work with conferences and summer schools such as “Postcolonial Piracy” (2011) and “Postcolonial Justice” (2014).


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